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About Housing Grants

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littlelacie   in reply to PeculiarPrayze
The wizard has not been on here for years. The only help I can think of is for you to make an appointment with Legal Aid to see if they can get this straightened out for you. Just tell the legal aid attorney what you told us. when it is cleared up you can then apply for rent-assisted housing.
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Is there any help out there,i need help with housing,food etc,I can't work because i have several mental disorders and I have 4 children between the ages of 16 to 10.Life has been really hard for us,currently went to court on a summons for rent when my roommate bailed on me and now in a few days my kids and I will be on the streets,I can't help but cry ,and pray.My credit is messed up from renting from slumlords whi were not doing their jobs also and now I,can't get section 8 until,I,pay off 2700 dollars for a false report from the people I was renting from,someone please help!
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Tilly tism
I am a 50 yr old woman. In breast cancer remission for 7 yrs. I was forced of my home just after my diagnosis. Being single, of course I had to pick up a couple extra jobs just to find a one bedroom. After 2 yr of working 13-15 hrs a day, I started developing more health issues. I knew about the arthritis in my knee, but now I have degenerative disc disease and multiple level scoliosis. This is an uphill fight with workers comp and I am not eligible for disability. I have had to borrow and withdrawal from my profit sharing for over 7 years now. I have also exhausted support from family and friends. It appears I use too much water and electricity. My pay has consistently gone down over the last 10 years. I am also looking at being "let go" from my employer of over 20 years because they have no job to accommodate my perm restrictions. To me, I am not even living pay check to pay check because I am always overdrawn. I also can't even make minimum payments so I will never see any bills PAID. My friend has been allowing me to stay in her condo, but she is getting very upset that I cannot help her enough with rent. How can I save myself from being homeless without taking on another job? Who would even hire me with my health issues?? And schooling will not help me. I could sure use a little push in the right direction. I know there is a solution but I can't find it beyond the massive hole (financially and physically) I am in. I suppose it could be worse. This hole could be filled with water and I'd have to tread water too.
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hello i really need help to go to phillpines to see my wife and son its been seven years i lost everything when i broke my back i am on ssdi now i know there are some good people out there that will help so i can bring my wife and son to USA thank you god bless
Talk to scotty013445
I'm a grandmother adopting her four year old granddaughter. We live on some land in my 25ft trailer. I would like to know if there is any kind of grant I could get to fix my well if it's the pump and get some electricity to my trailer? We have generators, but a pole with electricity to the trailer would be nice.
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tab 49
I'm a forty nine year old grandmother, raising my ten year old grandson. I live with my son I'm looking for an apartment, but I'm having a hard time, either you have to have good credit or make two or three times the rent. I'm living on a fix income. I make a little over eight dollars an hour. I need some help.
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There is a couple that is being put out of federal way motel, just because the owner decided they have to go, they were paying 65.00 a nite and new to the city, can someone please help theis couple they both work, they will be living on the streets if no one helps, I helped as much as I could, Please someone help.
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i am a 22 year old college female on the edge of being homeless. when i leave for school this semester. i wont have a home to return to i currently work part time and get payed minimum wage. is there any way i can get home
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woman in a shoe   in reply to EvyRose
Look on line and and see if there a grant for low income to fix there house u don't have to pay back a grant u can also check with city hall some do have grant for that
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I'm a single mother whom is unemployed, and I own a home. At this time my roof is leaking water into several of places in my home, tearing up my walls and ceilings. I do not have funds to pay for repairs. Are their any programs for low income families that would assist me before my home becomes a danger to my kids.
Talk to EvyRose
my grandma receives social disability and has bad credit and i dont have a job. we need to move from the place we're staying at, is there a house or an apartment we can move into ?
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Are there any grants or federal aid for small businesses owner that has severe adhd
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Anomaly   in reply to not fair
Have you tried to offer landlords an extra security deposit?
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not fair   in reply to woman in a shoe
I tryed that but all do back grown check I am in milwaukee
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woman in a shoe   in reply to not fair
Here in MI now I don't care how many times u get eviction u can still get a places but for sometime its was like it is where u are. Maybe don't tell them that u had been eviction from some where that the only other thing I can think of
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woman in a shoe   in reply to not fair
There no low income housing right now all of them have a back log up to 12 years just for MI the ones I have talk to on here in other state s they the same people can't even get that much help on welfare these days. It is bad ever where these days I have answer 3000 on here and counting Good Luck and God Bless
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not fair   in reply to not fair
Thanks I no going lose my bbys over this dumb shit cant find any help not even gov help me I make to much money maybe should go on w2 then someone help me hey
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woman in a shoe   in reply to not fair
All I do under stand very well I have been though that years ago I even came homeless for a little while with 3 kids one was a newborn
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woman in a shoe   in reply to not fair
All I know is Craigslist under houses or apts. That the only way I know to fine a place to live. U said u work 6 am to 4:30. I work 12 hours a day I only get one half day 6 half days a week I work even when I am sick I am here there no one to work my days even when I am sick I just told my boss sat she had to fine someone for Aug 30 I had some where to go. Good Luck and God Bless
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not fair   in reply to woman in a shoe
where to look for housing after you have an eviction in 2004 I've looked and looked and looked for apartment and went to a number of places because of that one no one rent to me you just dont understand I work 6am to 4:30pm 6 days a week have two bbys n after work nightly right after work. Look for apt call drive around looking for signs newspapers the Internet intil bedtime around 9pm all day on my off day for month now just dont no were to turn
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