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About Housing Grants

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I am a 39 year old single mother of 2 girls.  I am living in a house that is in my grandparents name and the land is to but my grandparents wanted to buy it for me.  Now my aunt has come in and put everything in a trust andshe is telling me she is going to sale my house and land unless I can make the $1000 a month house payment.  Is there anyway I can get a grant so I can pay my house off so she cant not do this

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I am a 39 year old single mother of 2 girls.  I am living in a house that is in my grandparents name and the land is to but my grandparents wanted to buy it for me.  Now my aunt has come in and put everything in a trust andshe is telling me she is going to sale my house and land unless I can make the $1000 a month house payment.  Is there anyway I can get a grant so I can pay my house off so she cant not do this

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Thank you for the info... I didn't think of that 

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 in response to kelkel...   type urban league and get the one closest to you. they help with foreclosure .
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 in response to fenderpig...   You should get you a real estate lawyer , someone who knows the buiness. call information and ask for the lawyer referral. they will ask you a few question to see what kind of lawyer you need then give you the phone number. these lawyers charghe you a small fee , some do it free. hope this help you!! good luck!!!
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I am a  disabled man with my family. In 2007 my wife and I were in need of a new home , our old home was falling down and I was awaiting disability to be approved. It finally came and we found a mobile home dealer who was more than happy to help us.Long story short.......... They stated that we had a loan , we placed some money down,  the home that we picked out was a little over our budget but, they stated that they could work around that.They tore our old home down , moved this home up and set it on our property, told us to move in and they would finish around us,,, I asked the question .... don't I need to sign my loan?  The dealer stated , oh you're fine we'll get this done and sign off .... nope. they closed the doors on the company, and we found out that we did'nt even have a loan.There is a floor plan company...who from what I understand has the rights to this home, due to the fact that, the dealer signed off their rights on assets. ok.Now we find out that , there was a to speak, but it was for a repo and not a new home. The amount was not evan near the amount needed for this home.The dealer had lied to the bank and stated that we were to get a repo home, when in fact.......we got a new one. so I contact the floor plan people(sugar daddy so to speak for the dealer) and ask what the deal was , he stated that the dealer went out of buisness and that they now have controling interest in our home. well............ we never signed any loan papers, just an informal kind of purchase agreement , in which was never signed by the dealer,and no contract to the floor plan people. I did'nt evan know they, the dealer,  took a brand new home, and drug it to our property ,and set it up and said goodbye.... of course it was not finished completly so I had to try to finish it up myself. We have been trying for two years to get someone to pick this loan up and to no avail.. We have our own acreage and it is free and clear.I have offered to pay the floor plan people payments but they wont take them.They say that they want me to pay in full, or they will take possesion , but what do you do when you have tried to work it out and they  wont, I didnt put a gun to anyones head... I feel that we were placed in a mess.By a crook ! I think that although they are entitled to a compensation  but ..go after the one who took advantage of a family and drug it up here without securing a loan first.

any ideas?



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I am divorced mother of 2. I am trying to avoid losing my home because my payments are so high. Because of the cost of health insurance through my work my paychecks have been cut in half. I need help to save my home.

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wanted to know the website for free money/loan that i do not pay back.  This money is a goverment loan/money for home repairs. (ex. new windows,floors,doors.)

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My boyfriend has been living without running water for 35 years and he has 2 kids and everytime he askes for help on how he can get some assistance he gets the run around. If there is anybody out there that can give me some advice that i could relay to him i would really appreciate it. My email address is

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Are there any grants for "off the grid" or other energy efficient construction for veterans?

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I am a part-time medical student, I am in a nine-month course. I am looking for a way to keep my rent paid up, and to just help me get through school. I don't need much. I would just like to be able to keep rent paid and maybe be able to buy a cheap car. As of right now, I am taking the bus, and it is hard to find a job that will work around my schedual, at the same time, it is hard to have time for both work, study and school when the bus easily eats hours of my day. If anyone knows of a grant, or low-intrest loan, please let me know.

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i am a single individual who has no money (for food, or for rent), i recently became unemployed, and i was wondering if there is any grants or another program that i can apply for that would assist me with my hardships.

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Gr8!  I really appreciate all help you guys can give me, and I will be eternally greatful to all of you!!! Just let me know where I can locate the links you spoke about, so that I can begin my "home"work! 

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Reply to Nancy13---You are right about programs for the diabled, there are many of them and you came to the right place to find the right programs for your needs. I will list site names of some of our aidpage angels whom have spent weeks and months doing research finding grants and resources for those that come to aidpage for help and advice. If you don't see their names on the main page just type in the name you want in the google window at the top of the page and don't forget to click on aidpage under the window before you click search.Names: WHOKNEW---Friendshelpingfriends---Elaine of TSA---Soulight---Ricardog---and Anonymous40784---Now these are just a few of our very best resource and grant info pages and you will have to do the searching part. Some of these sites have resources listed by state so you have your work cut out for you but I know you will find what you need and when you do it would be very nice if you could thank the person whose site you found the info that helped you. Our aidpage angels work very hard and are not paid but a thankyou is so appreciated. Goodluck and Godspeed. Sincerely sheshe030

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I am in my 40s, on SS disability and SSI. I have recently decided to purchase a home in KY. I know there are programs for people like me, but can not find any sources. Any info anyone can help me with  would be greatly appreciated. I know there are government grants and loans out there but after several phone calls and hours on the net still haven't located anything.

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I am an Active Duty service member and I will be PCSing soon.  I have jsut bought a house and will be loosing alot of money if I try to sell it now.  When I get to my new duty station I will have to pay rent on top of a mortgage payment.  This coupled with the fact that my wife will be out of work, will leave us in a bind.  Is there a grant or something we can do to insure that we keep our house?

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I am mother of four girls and have a husband that on disablity and i am trying to go to full time school. Was woundering if there any goverment loans out there to help buy a house that cheap on payments a month.

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sorry name gary saccone

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Hey, Lissa - you might look into disability or SSI for you and/or your daughter so you can get some income without worrying about employment.  You can also check out, a great online support group for panic attacks - they helped me a lot when I struggled with it a while back.  Since you are a teacher you might be able to get work doing private tutoring, and maybe your students could come to your home.  Just tell your nosy landlord it's a playdate for your daughter, LOL!!  I don't know about grants for housing but you can check with HUD.  I work from home so I can avoid childcare and be with my kids (one has special needs) - click on the link in my profile to see if it's a good fit for you!  Best wishes, Rosie

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I am a 40 year old woman living in a house that I can no longer afford because I got laid off from my teaching position. I get $97.00 a week from unemployment. I have severe panic attacks that make if very hard to work out of the home. I adopted a child 11 years ago that woman had left at my daycare and never returned. She is now 12 years old. I am all that this child has in life. She has a slight learning disability that requires me to work alot with her to stay focused. I am in a no win situation. In order for me to work, I need to find childcare for her. That requires money that I don't have. My condition makes it very hard for me to go out in the work force. I would feel better working from home or just being a stay at home mom. This will give me the opportunity to raise my daughter instead of paying someone else to do it. I am looking for a grant to help me pay for the home that I am renting now or a grant that will purchase a home for us so we don't have to worry about rent. We could just invest in a home that belongs to us. My landlord says that I can not run any time of business here. So someone please help me have the chance to buy a home. I am also interested in LEGIT grants. I think that so many people are forced out to work because of the need for money that no one has the chance to spend time with thier kids and guide them in life. Please help!

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